God is the ultimate healer in Jesus' Name. He gives us the materials and knowledge to heal this dirt suit we call a body through his creation.

Welcome to your Detox Journey.

True Detoxification and Cellular Regeneration


Detoxification SPecialist

I will be your guide through your journey.

16 weeks

of detoxification

Regenerate your genetically weak cells and astringe the toxins out that are clogging you up.

Revitalize your genetically compromised cells and eliminate the harmful toxins that are congesting your system, leading to a renewed sense of vitality and wellness.

Embark on a powerful 16-week detoxification journey, where you'll experience a profound transformation on multiple levels.

Get ready to discover the right foods for your body, debunking the myths that have kept you stuck in an unhealthy cycle. Unlearn the misleading information you've been fed your whole life, and embrace the truth about food and its impact on your well-being. Learn how to honor your temple, cherish your body, and understand the importance of fasting in opening yourself up to receive abundantly. Detoxify your system and bid farewell to the accumulated toxins, wastes, and acids that have plagued your body for years, while embracing the alkaline, living, energizing chemistry of nourishing food, positive emotions, and clean air.

Let's explore the incredible benefits you'll gain from this program.


What You Will Learn:

  • ​Benefit #1: You will learn the Right Foods for the Human Body and why the foods you have thought to be healthy are actually keeping you sick.
  • ​Benefit #2: You will unlearn many "facts' that you've been feed you whole life about food and learn the truth.
  • ​Benefit #3:  You will learn how to honor your temple and the importance of fasting - opening your pipe to receive more from God.
  • ​Benefit #4: You will Detox! You will get rid of toxins, wastes, acids, that have been stored up in your body for years and years while bringing in alkaline, living, energizing chemistry (food, emotions, clean air, etc)

Description of the program

16 weeks

The Transition Diet: 2 First Weeks of Adaptation -
The change begins - First phase of Detoxification

1st Stage: 4 Weeks: Active Detoxification - Notable physical changes -
2nd Stage: 4 Weeks: Deep Cleansing - Physiological changes continue and emotional transformation begins
3rd Stage: 4 Weeks: Cellular Regeneration - Transformative and lasting physical, emotional and spiritual changes

Transition Weeks: 2 Last Weeks - Recovering the lost balance.



  to activate your elimination  channels.

The CLEANSING, DETOXICATION AND REGENERATION Program takes into consideration one of the first processes that must be managed when programming our body's maintenance.

No one has been able to take care of a home or a surface without having to proceed with the elimination of its waste.

​​No medical procedure should be without this knowledge. No healing system should be practiced without taking into account the care of the five elimination channels, namely: skin, lymph, kidneys, lungs and, above all, taking care of the intestines.


Hydrotherapy (Father Sebastián Kneipp)

Hydrotherapy is a therapy where you use water to sooth and essentially heal the body. You switch from cold water showers/baths to activate blood circulation to hot saunas to sweat (eliminate) toxic wastes and acids produced by the body.


Nutrition based on Raw and Natural Foods

Raw, Living foods, filled with inordinate amounts of energy and nutrition. You will learn why and how these foods are the only foods capable to bring the body into a detox and regenerate weak cells.


Detoxification with Natural Herbal Teas

Herbs were created as medicine (Ezekiel 47:12), for our cells, our organs, our fluids, filled to the brim with more nutrition your body can even handle. There are herbs that are the cleansers and herbs that are the strengtheners. Your body will be introduced to more than 50 herbs during this process.

Somethings that are included in your Registration

14 Item Package - valued at $1,470


Herbal Tea Kit

6 Herbal Tea Formulas - Kidney Tea, Endocrine Tea, Brain and Nerve Tea, Heal All Tea, Skin/Liver Tea, Lymphatic System Tea - for cleaning and strengthening your cells.


Sauna Kit

Personal Sauna, Seat, Pot to heat water, Herbs - for proper metabolic/cellular waste elimination.


Poultice Kit

12 lbs/2 Bags of Red Georgian Clay, Herbs, Bandages - for removing toxins.


Natural Toiletry Kit

Enema Kit, Skin Brush, Bamboo Toothbrush, Homemade Toothpaste, Amish Natural Soap,
Natural moisturizing cream for hands and body, Homemade Deodorant - for alkaline chemistry ingestion.


Ready To Get Started And Move mountains?

Start your Detox Journey Today! And feel Free at last!

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