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Renewed Vitality

Experience a revitalized sense of energy and well-being as your body eliminates toxins, leading to increased vitality and a refreshed outlook on life.

Improved Digestive Health

Enhance your digestive system's functionality by participating in this challenge. This can result in improved nutrient absorption, reduced bloating, and a healthier gut.

Mental Clarity and Focus

Clear your mind and enhance mental acuity through detoxification. Removing toxins can contribute to improved cognitive function, heightened concentration, and mental clarity.

Stress Reduction and Relaxation

By fostering a new lifestyle, participants can experience a sense of calmness and relaxation.


Check out what Past Challengers are saying...

Lost 14 Pounds in 10 Days!

My name is Jonny, I live in Austin Texas, before the 10x10x10 challenge I weighed 223 and I finished the challenge at 209. This program has helped me change my food preferences, resolve my food cravings and addiction issues, and feel more in control of my health.


Lost 13 Pounds in 10 Days!

My name is Dolores, when I started the 10x10x10 program I didn't know how I was going to do it because I am addicted to meat and bread. I am diabetic and have high blood pressure. In total I lost 13 pounds, and that is a lot for me as a diabetic woman, I know that my metabolism is slower. I don't understand what happened but once I finished I no longer craved meat and my sugar was controlled without medication.


Lost 11 Pounds in 10 Days!

My name is Paola, I live in Mexico, I started this challenge because after the holidays, I was very swollen, my belly looked like that of a 6-month pregnant woman. I started the program at 196.2 lbs and finished at 185, now (after 2 months) I am weighing 176.3 lbs, my height is 6 feet. I am a very emotional person and took medicine for depression. After the fourth day of the program I decided to reduce the medicine and finally stop it, to my surprise my emotions have remained stable, I would say better than ever. And after 2 months I can continue with healthy eating habits.


Lost 10 pounds in 6 Days!

My name is Lucero, I took the program because I was overweight and had very constant spinal pain. On Saturday, when I was on the sixth day, I had already lost 10 pounds. I felt very happy but above all lighter and calmer, without pain and the discomfort had disappeared.
​I loved the challenge not only for the recipes but for the support on FB, with the daily tasks, going for a walk barefoot in the morning with 32 degrees was difficult, but I got used to it because I felt that it helped me reduce inflammation in my body, just like the cold water baths. I liked combining prayer with nutrition. Thank God I was able to do it.


"I Lost 16 lbs in 7 Days!"


"I Lost 13 lbs in 7 days!"


Is The '10x10x10' Challenge

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What You'll Get During The 10x10x10 Challenge?!

(For General Admission and VIP Experience)

Diet (Food and Drink):

Approved Food List and Exclusionary Guidelines

  • Gain access to an extensive list of foods meticulously curated to aid weight loss.
  • Receive expert advice on selecting foods for optimal nourishment and weight management.
  • Learn about foods to moderate or avoid to enhance your weight loss journey.
  • Learn about health and wellness, and the role food plays.


​​Menu of Healthy Recipes to Enjoy

  • Explore a diverse menu of recipes crafted to enhance both taste and well-being.
  • Indulge in nutritious and flavorful dishes designed to elevate your health, mental clarity, and weight loss journey.
  • Enjoy a variety of menus tailored to align seamlessly with your journey towards weight loss.

Facebook Group:

Access to our Exclusive Online Community

  • Join our private Facebook group exclusively for weight loss challenge participants.
  • Connect with others on a similar weight loss journey for support and motivation.
  • Receive support from our team of experts to maximize your success.
  • Share your inspiring testimonies and achievements with fellow participants, celebrating milestones and providing encouragement to others on their journey.


Structured Daily Assignments for Optimal Progress

  • Follow a carefully curated list of daily tasks to keep you on track with your weight loss goals.
  • Receive guidance on developing healthy habits and behaviors to support sustainable weight loss.
  • ​Stay accountable and motivated with structured assignments designed to promote progress and success.

(VIP Experience Only)

Group Video calls:

Exclusive Access to Video Calls

  • Privileged entry to private video calls held every other day.
  • Engage in personal discussions and seek guidance from the host and the special guest expert.
  • Ask Questions to learn more and more of what you are really making your body go through and what this challenge really is.
  • ​Receive tailored support and invaluable insights to enhance not only your weight loss journey, but a healthier lifestyle that lasts beyond this challenge.


Full 10x10x10 Workout Program

  • Receive the complete 10x10x10 workout program.
  • ​Meticulously crafted for effective results during and after the challenge.
  • Includes diverse exercises targeting various muscle groups for improved fitness and long-term health benefits.


Anatomy of Man (PDF.)

  • In-depth review on the Anatomy of Man and why we teach what we teach.
  • Learn the real science behind what to Eat. Why to eat. When To Eat. How to Eat. All of these (what, why, when, where, if, how's) play a big part in how your body receives the food you give it. Get READY! You're about to lift off into a whole new world you've never seen before.
  • The insides of the true human food and lifestyle.


During The 10x10x10 Challenge!

Joel Maluf

Detox Specialist and Personal Trainer

Meet Joel Maluf, a dedicated Personal Trainer and Detoxification Specialist currently studying Naturopathy, the study of Natural Medicine. Joel's passion for learning extends beyond his professional pursuits; he's also an avid student of the Bible and enjoys delving into various subjects to broaden his knowledge.

Joel's approach to life and work is centered around serving others and fulfilling his purpose to please the Lord. With a mission to awaken individuals to a better version of themselves, Joel aims to guide them towards a clearer perspective and deeper truth. Once his guidance is imparted, Joel encourages action, believing that each person has a unique role to play in serving others.

So, after benefiting from Joel's expertise and guidance, individuals are urged to take action in alignment with their calling. With people to serve and a world waiting to be impacted, Joel's message is clear: it's time to embrace your purpose and make a difference. Thank you, and may God bless your journey.

Special Guest

During The 10x10x10 Challenge!

Adriana Maluf

Adriana is a seasoned professional with a profound enthusiasm for delving into research in the realms of nutrition and holistic health. Her overarching goal is to provide guidance and support to individuals as they navigate their journey toward achieving physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Leveraging her diverse skill set and extensive experience, Adriana is adept at assisting individuals and families in adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She achieves this through a harmonious blend of nutrition education and the cultivation of positive habits, all underscored by principles of positive psychology. Adriana's approach is grounded in scientific insights, emphasizing the importance of various factors that contribute to leading a fulfilling life.

With Adriana's guidance, individuals are empowered to make informed choices and embrace practices that promote holistic wellness. Her commitment to helping others thrive underscores her dedication to making a positive impact in the realm of health and wellness.

  • Master in Psycho-Neuro-Immunology
  • Health and Nutrition Specialist
  • Bachelor of Education Sciences
  • ​Certified GAPS Practitioner
  • Clinical Psychopedagogue.

Your Chance To Transform Your Life!

I Encourage You To Take This Opportunity...


General Admission


  • Approved Food List and Exclusionary Guidelines
  • ​​​Menu of Healthy Recipes to Enjoy
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group
  • List of daily Homework

For Only: $10

VIP Experience


  • ​Approved Food List and Exclusionary Guidelines
  • ​Menu of Healthy Recipes to Enjoy
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group
  • ​Structured Daily Assignments for Optimal Progress
  • Exclusive access to video calls every other Day to connect and ask about any health questions or concerns.
  • Full 10x10x10 workout program that you can follow during and after the challenge.
  • The insides of the true human food and lifestyle.

What others paid $197 for, you can get it today for only $30.

VIP: $197

Today Just: $30


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this class for?

For those who want to lose weight and keep it off.
For those who want to learn about health and wellness and the role food plays.
For those who want to awaken and experience a higher level of being and consciousness.

 Who is this class not for?

For those who want to stay in there comfortable bubble and not grow into the person they can become.
For those who don't care about themselves, If you are not serious, please don't waste your money or our time. 

 How much is the training?

There are 2 ways to participate in The 10x10x10 Challenge. The General Admission is only $10 and the VIP Experience is only $30.

 Will I get direct feedback from Joel?

You will be able to post and ask question in the private Facebook group as general admission, but if you are VIP, you will be able to talk with me and another expert special guest, along with the other challengers.

 What timezone are the calls?

The calls will be set in the eastern time zone for 6pm.

 Do you accept refund requests?

Refunds will be accepted up until the day the challenge starts

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